About Us (or…Me)

About Us (or rather... Me)

Once upon a time, a young (20 something) girl went to school.

She had always had an avid interest in computers and so she decided to pursue a career via NAIT and the 'Computer Systems Technology' Diploma. During this time of intense studying and mental preparation for being all "Adulty" she also concluded that she loved being outdoors and having a window in her office (if she HAD to have an office) to grow plants. She also decided that business suits, cubicles and downtown parking issues were not for her. Having grown up a country girl - jeans and rural living were the way to go.

As life goes oCoffee_on_Deckn - this girl completed her Diploma, got all hitched up and had two beautiful daughters (M-One and M-Two). During this time of intense motherhood, she still needed to have her own world and as a result MnM Web Design was born. Get it? M and M? M-One and M-Two?

Anyhow, moving on….

Life went on, more courses were taken in digital design, Photoshop and photography, girls got older and started school, being hitched went out the window and being even more "Adulty" became a priority. So this girl let MnM Web Design sit on the wayside for a while in order to bring in a consistent wage and regular dinner on the table. She got employment in Accounting for a small company on the west end of Edmonton (she had been doing accounting prior to going to school for computers) and went back to school and is currently working on completing her accounting degree along with her CPA designation in that "Adulty" world.

But all the while, MnM Web Design was patient and sat in the back of her brain. It represented all the things that she loved. First, her kids. Second, working for herself as a small familiar company that works with other small familiar companies, sort of a cottage industry type idea and third, a little bit of creativity in her very logical type brain.

These three things nagged at her a little. So she did a little (lots) research on the web and noticed that the web design and development game had changed. It was now dominated with huge corporations that advertised 'Top Google Placements' and 'Leading Design and Development'. What happened to the little guy? How were they able to afford to have a decent website without throwing down bundles of money?

This bothered her. Why can't a small business cater to another small business and help each other out? Or exchange services? Or make contacts with other businesses in the area and start working together? The more she thought about it - the more the idea grew. What about a small web design company that promoted being small rather than being large? A small company that had the persona of wearing jeans and working out of a small country office rather than a downtown cubicle? Hmmmmm….

Fast forward to this moment. This girl has a vision. A picture to complete in her mind. Something completely different and unique to focus on.

Stay Tuned...

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