Your Zone of Enlightenment

Have you found your Zone of Enlightenment?

The overwhelming amount of information available to us today is such distraction unless we have a system for staying on track.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the best/worst? one for snapping my neck at the next geek tool or gardening gadget.   In fact, a couple of my colleagues and I have a joke about it.  We even shout ‘squirrel’ as we consciously decide to let the distraction move us off our path.

In our personal lives, we might have a bit of room for that, but if you are focused on growing your business, then staying in the right zone is key to our success.

In MLM’s, they tell you to get to your WHY for doing the business….and if it’s not emotional, it’s not the real why.  In corporate structure, they tell you to get your mission statement and vision statement together and decide on your company culture.

Some call it your genius, your gift, your raison d’être.

I call it your Zone of Enlightenment.

Stay in that higher vision of yourself, the grandest vision of Who You Are.  Even when you squirrel….like right now, the dog is knocking my hands off the keyboard to get outside….and when I let her out, I’ll try not to squirrel in the garden….

I actually like my squirrelling….the distractions create ideas and let my mind wander with no responsibilities for a while.  That’s good for creation and for a healthy mind.  But we can’t squirrel forever.

I have a few tools to make sure I stay in my Zone.  The first is the timer on my phone.  I set it for 90 minute intervals and I take a break between each one. I start in the morning with the tasks I least want to do and I get those over with so I can enjoy my day.  As a reward for that first 90 minutes, I step outside, listen to the birds and breathe a bit of fresh air.  And then I go back in.  I set myself a schedule each week and allow for ‘squirrel time’.

I meditate.  Everyday.  And when I’m stuck I do it more.  When I first started out in business on my own, it felt like taking time for meditation was not in the calendar.  Now, I schedule that first every week.  It’s my Zone Pumping time!!

I eat well (Vegan for the most part).  I take my USANA supplements which have truly contributed to a healthier life and I drink as much water as I can.  If there’s one thing I need to do more of, it’s exercise….have to move that into the Zone too!

The Zone of Enlightenment is the space where your brilliance is flowing, where your spirit is guiding your path and that will lead you to success – as long as you direct it.  Use the energy that you get from that zone to feed you and focus on how you will apply it.

You have a Zone of Enlightenment.  It’s yours.  Only yours.  And something I truly believe….the world is waiting for you to show up and express it.  In fact, the world needs you.

Note:  Sometimes, the Zone of Enlightenment moves – I mean it feels like the truck packed it all up and didn’t send a forwarding address.  That’s okay…..squirrel for a bit. You’ll find the Zone again.  It actually doesn’t move.  You do.  It takes a while for your brain to catch up, that’s all.

So,,,,dog wants in now.  She’s done ‘squirrelling’!

Back to the Zone!

Got any tips for how to stay on track?  Share them here!

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