About Me

My name is Carrie Williams and I have a problem. A technology problem. I just love it. Making computers do the things that I wanted, when I wanted has always made me giggle.

Ok, seriously though. Down to the brass tacks.

I spent my high school in all the computer options, typing and programming. However, My mother had an education in Accounting and after going to work with her, I learned a lot on how to balance the books, finish off a year end, what the government wants to see during an audit and how to make friends with accountants. I spent a fair amount of time between graduation and going to college working as an accounting clerk with a couple of construction companies in the Edmonton area.

I decided that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be in accounting and enrolled at NAIT and received my Computer Systems Technology Diploma in the early 2000’s. Falling back on what I already knew, I went back to work in the accounting field but this time designing and implementing accounting modules that facilitated a more comprehensive job costing program for small business accounting systems.

I had my two wonderful children in 2003 & 2005 and ended up working from home designing websites for many of my business contacts during my spare time and TaDa! MnM Web Design was born.

Once the kids were back in school, I felt that I needed to get out of the house. I was offered an accounting position with a previous business contact and I took it. While I was there, I decided that I should have the education to back up my experience so I went back to NAIT to get my Accounting Diploma part-time.

Now-a-days, I work from home flexing my programming and creative muscles doing website design and development. My extensive (18 plus years) background in small business accounting allows me to be keenly aware of the challenges faced by small companies and I provide that insight along with my technical expertise in programming and computers. I also continue to do accounting for my previous accounting clients.

When I am not working on my laptop, I enjoy being outside! Sometimes, I do both at the same time in my “deck office”. Outside is my zen, my happy and my comfort zone. I find that working in a conventional office takes it’s toll on my overall happy. I need sunshine! Or at least a crazy good south-southeast exposure window.

My spare time is spent camping, jet boating with my guy (his love which I have developed over time), gardening, photography, walking and generally spoiling my bunnies, horses and a black lab.

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